Welcome to User Friendly Consultants!

For over 20 years, User Friendly Consultants has been providing computer repair and maintenance services in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. We pride ourselves in offering high quality work and advice while helping you grow your knowledge of your computer system. We do our best to speak in “plain English” instead of using lots of technical jargon, and always take the time to explain what we’re doing and answer all of your questions.

Computers are often as important to daily life as your car is, and deserve the same attention to maintenance to keep them running well. We areĀ your go-to source for reliable computer maintenance and repair.

Maintenance & Repair

Is your computer doing strange things? Are you having trouble with pop-ups? Did you click on a weird email? Are you having trouble with viruses, out of date software, or just general “sluggishness”? We can come to your home or examine your computer in our workshop. We’ll run our set of diagnostic tools to sniff out any malicious programs and give you the means to do some troubleshooting if you have more issues later.

Even if you’re not experiencing specific issues, bringing your computer in for a regular “tune-up” can help keep your system running optimally and make sure that you’re protected against viruses and spyware, and that your security updates are all current.

Computer Advice

Whether you are deciding if your old computer should be upgraded or recycled, or just overwhelmed by all of the options for new computers, we can help you understand your needs and pick the best computer for your lifestyle. Send us an email and we’ll schedule a call or a meeting to discuss what sort of computer might be best for you!

Networking & Wireless

The Internet gets more and more important every year, and accounts for more and more of the time we spend on the computer. I can help you connect multiple computers to the Internet in your home, or set up a wireless network for your home. If you’re experiencing slow Internet speeds, I can also evaluate your network and see if there are any ways to make things move faster without upgrading your Internet service.

Let’s get started!

Email me at bryan@userfriendlyconsultants.com, I’m here to help!